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What Is Streaming Video?

Streaming video is a protocol that allows audio/video files to be delivered via the Internet. The term "streaming" means that the file is played in real time as it is being received.

There are two ways to view media on the Internet (such as video, audio, animations, etc.) and they are downloading or streaming. The two main methods of video streaming are, HTTP Streaming and Streaming Media Servers (true streaming video).

HTTP Streaming: This is the same method used to deliver web pages and is achieved when you download a file and the entire file is saved on your computer (usually in a temporary folder).

A slightly more advanced method would involve embedding the file into the web page using special HTML code and then allowing recipients to view the video as it is being downloaded.

If the file is quite small this may not be too much of an inconvenience, but for large files and long presentations it can be very off-putting not to mention the bandwidth usage.

Streaming Video Servers: True streaming media works a little differently in that a small link is downloaded and the video is then streamed from online servers. The file is sent in a constant stream and the user watches it as it arrives without downloading the video.  

The obvious advantage with this method is that no waiting is involved which means your message gets received immediately and, because the recipient does not download the entire video, has the added advantage of saving on bandwidth usage.

Additional advantages include the ability to broadcast live events (web casting) in real time (much like your own TV station) and live interactive video conferencing (video live chat) with one or more participants at the same time, and of course video-email.

Why use Streaming Video?
Create a dynamic personal video email marketing campaign with impact to greatly improve your customer experience. Small business Internet marketing is now a cost-effective reality for business advertising online.

Whether its embedding a video message in a simple e-mail, creating fully customisable HTML video and audio templates for robust video email marketing campaigns, or broadcasting live interactive sales and training events, small and medium sized businesses are using video technology to communicate with customers and employees.

Streaming video email marketing is fast becoming an essential tool for all businesses wishing to keep an edge on their competitors and stay on top of the marketing game.

Many MLM Network Marketing leaders have also embraced the video streaming technology for personalising their customer and distributor communications.

And here is why...
Email marketing has become the fastest growing form of communication. Every day, billions of emails are sent, and that's just the beginning. Experts say that the numbers of emails sent will more than double in the next few years. Some say that it will ultimately grow to as many as 100 billion a day!

The problem is that standard text email doesn't have the same impact. There is no personal connection. You may have begun including pictures and images to help convey your meaning and make impact.

But that still doesn't solve the problem! Why is this? Perhaps it is because the true power of a message is derived from a combination of both visual and auditory cues.

Consider these facts‚€¶
55% of a message meaning is derived from facial expression;
38% of a message meaning is derived from gestures, body language, etc.

It's also important to note when conveying an important message people only remember:
10% of what they READ
20% of what they Hear
30% of what they SEE
50% of what they HEAR and SEE together
80% of what they HEAR, SEE and DO

Streaming video is a cost-effective way small business can compete in the ever-increasing business advertising online world.

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