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"Do you need to increase website traffic? Do you need to search engine optimize your web pages? Even if you do not currently have a website,  these powerful high search engine ranking tools can get your website visable fast!"

Search Engine Optimization 
To attain effective top organic search engine ranking you will first need to search engine optimize your web pages with powerful high traffic, low competition keywords that will increase website traffic and drive very targeted visitors to your website or blog.

Did you know that to increase traffic to your website you should only use only one to three keyword phrases per page and, use different but relevant phrases for the other pages of your website? And were you aware the phrases also need to be relevant to the body content of the page you are using them on?

It is no use using the keyword phrase "vintage sheet music" on a page that has content about "vintage books". Search engines take into account your whole website when indexing but if each page is optimised for different unrelated keywords, the search engine spiders will not know under what topic to index your website.

By using the internet marketing tools we recommend on this page, you will quickly identify the best high traffic, low competition keywords for your business niche. You can then set about implementing those keywords into various pages of your website so it is optimised to attract the maximum amount of visitors through natural search engine queries (they get 80% of the clicks) as opposed to the sponsored ads found at the top and sides of the search engine page.

This optimisation of your website includes ensuring that those keywords are used in the title tags, the H1 header tags, and included in the right density throughout the body content pages of your web pages.

An equally important factor to increase website traffic is that your pages contain good content. If people are directed to a page that just has a short sales pitch and does not offer the visitor any value, they will leave very quickly... never to return. This will throw up a red flag to Google that perhaps the content on the page was not relevant. Make sure your page is informative. Remember, most of the people who visit your web pages are looking for a solution to a problem. Your pages should:

1. Agitate the problem, remind them why they are at your website in the first place.

2. Then provide them with a solution to their problem with your product or service.

Many website optimization companies claim to be able to search engine optimize your pages and get you to page one on Google and other major search engines but they are usually with keyword phrases that have either low or no natural traffic. What's the point of being on page one if it does not bring you any visitors? We want to monetise our websites not impress our friends.

We do not guarantee that by using these Internet marketing tools you will attain page one in the major search engines, and no one really can because the major search engines are continually changing their algorithms, but if used properly it will give you the best possible shot at obtaining a page one listing using the selected high traffic, low competition keyword phrases.

Search Engine Keyword Research
Most people use phrases comprising of two to four words when conducting a search through Google, Yahoo. Ask, Excite, and other major search engines. Therefore trying to increase website traffic using a single keyword becomes hard because you are targeting a board range of searchers. Most of the visitors you receive will not be targeted and are less likely to purchase your product or service. No good having tons of visitors and no buyers... right?

Another issue with trying to target one or two keyword phrases is that they are usually very competitive and dominated by high authority sites, which often have a lot going for them including domain age and high authority back-links. If your website is relatively new them it is best to target long-tail keywords first and then, once your site begins to gain authority, start targeting the harder keywords.

It is extremely important to do your keyword research... and do it first. It is pointless to optimize your web pages with keywords for which your website cannot get high rankings for right now. If you target the wrong keywords, you will lose time and money so you need to be able to identify high traffic, low competition long-tail keyword phrases.

One way of finding these long-tail keywords is by using Google,s keyword research tool and wonder wheel. 

But there is an easier way, and that is by using the first of our recommended high search engine ranking tools, the keyword research and competition analysis software package. We believe every serious online marketer should own and use this tool! 

It pulls data from Google's new keyword research tool and produces a more relevant list of 100 keywords (it used to be 200). However, by using this software and intergrating it with your Google Adwords account you are able to extract up to 800 keywords. 

With it you will quickly identify optimal high traffic, low competition long-tail keywords to suit your business niche and remember, this is the first step you should take to search engine optimize your web pages.  At a bare minimum we highly recommend you at least take the free trial and give it a test run... you'll be blown away!

Targeted Web Traffic Generation and Powerful Back-Link Software
This brings us to the second of our recommended high search engine ranking tools where you will learn how to easily install some very powerful sales lead generation software onto your website that will massively increase web traffic. And not just any web traffic but very targeted visitors based on your long-tail keyword phrases created through the previous step. 

This software will also create, over time, a massive flood quality back-links to your websites and blogs. Why we say over time is because, for the absolute best, long-term results, slow and steady wins the race. In a nutshell, submit your pages in small quantities over a number of day, weeks, and months. This is essential to prevent your site being classed as a suspicious site and having your accounts cancelled, or "sand boxed" by the search engines.

This awesome software is available as a plug-in for your blogs and, can also be used on static websites. When used on your blogs it creates RSS feeds, which are then submitted to RSS Feed Aggregators on autopilot. Once the software is installed, you will be building quality back links every time you either make a blog post or update a webpage.

Every single day, day in and day out you will be building back links and increasing targeted web traffic on "autopilot". Check it out here:  Web Traffic Genius

Web Traffic & Online Marketing Blueprint
For those who are looking for a step-by-step blueprint on how to search engine optimize their websites and blogs, and learn the smartest web traffic and online marketing strategies, you need go no further than the third of our recommended internet marketing tools. This dynamic blueprint caters for newbies, right through to the most seasoned hard core marketers ready to go to the next level. 

Get a free trial and for a limited time a special bonus here: Web Traffic & Online Marketing Blueprint

ATTENTION Internet Marketers: Want To Do It All Yourself?
For those of you who are serious marketers with several blogs and websites already up and running and would love to have all your websites and blogs (and your customers' ones) all hosted at the one location with unlimited hosting and a bunch of awesome internet marketing tools like video conferencing software, fully functional video producer, unlimited autoresponders, and a kick butt prospecting funnel for less than a cup of coffeee a day, then you need to take a serious look at this offer: Unlimited Web Hosting Package

Best Web Hosting Internet Marketing Package

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