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Web 2.0 streaming video technology has taken the internet by storm from video blogs on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook, BlipTV, and Metacafe to being the proffered online communications tool for eBay sellers, network marketing entrepreneurs and savvy internet marketers like Mike Dillard, Dave Guindon, Mike Cheney, Alex Jeffreys and Brad Callan to name a few.

What is Streaming Media?

Streaming media is a protocol that allows audio/video files to be delivered via the internet. The term "streaming" means that the file is played in real time as it is being received. There are two ways to view media on the internet (such as video, audio, animations, etc.) and they are downloading or streaming. The two main methods of streaming video are Streaming Servers (true streaming) and HTTP Streaming.

HTTP STREAMING: This is the same method used to deliver web pages and is achieved when you download a file and the entire file is saved on your computer (usually in a temporary folder). A slightly more advanced method would involve embedding the file into the webpage using special HTML code and then allowing recipients to view the video as it is being downloaded.

If the file is quite small this may not be too much of an inconvenience, but for large files and long presentations it can be very off-putting not to mention the bandwidth usage. The easiest way to provide downloadable video files is to use a simple hyperlink to the file.

STREAMING SERVERS: True streaming media works a little differently in that a small link is downloaded and the video is then streamed from online servers. The file is sent in a constant stream and the user watches it as it arrives.

The obvious advantage with this method is that no waiting is involved which means your message gets received immediately and, because the recipient does not download the entire video, has the added advantage of saving on bandwidth usage.

Additional advantages include the ability to broadcast live events (webcasting) in real time (much like your own TV station) and live interactive video conferencing (video live chat) with one or more participants at the same time, and video email.

Furthermore, the recipient does not need any special software to view your messages. The online servers automatically detect the recipient’s bandwidth and media player, and begin streaming your message.

How Much Does It Cost?

Streaming media used to be available only to government organisations and large corporations with large expense accounts… but not anymore. Cost effective streaming video is now available to the masses and can be accessed for as little as US$44.95 per month (less than a cup of coffee a day)

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